Rental Policies

Rental Charges are based on Time Out, not Time Used. No reductions in charges will be made if you didn’t use it, you forgot, it rained, etc. If you don’t need it, return it. Pricing is subject to change. If you encounter operational problems, call immediately: 763-432-9137

Minimum Rental Period: 4 Hours
Daily: 24 hours according to business hours
Weekly: 7 consecutive days
Monthly: 4 consecutive weeks
Metered Machines are allowed 8 Hours/day, 40 Hours/week, 160 Hours/month

Deposits for reservations are required on Tents, Bounce Rides. Deposits are ½ down and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Folding Tables and Folding Chairs may have a cleaning fee if returned in poor condition.

A valid Credit/Debit Card must be on file for all rentals.

A valid Credit Card, NOT Debit, must be on file for all rentals of Trailers, Scaffolding, and Larger Equipment.

All rentals must be returned to the store or scheduled for a pickup. There are no one-way deliveries.

Additional Labor Charges may apply if equipment needs repainting/cleaning.

Please use the gas provided with your rental. We use Premium Deoxygenated gas. We rent out equipment with a full tank and, upon request, include an additional canister of gas. We provide the gas so that our machines operate at peak performance. An additional fee may be assessed if the equipment is returned with the incorrect gas in the tank.


The following are the responsibility of the customer:


  • All Flat Tires
  • Fuel: All gas-powered equipment is rented full of fuel. If more gas is needed, the customer is responsible for filling it with the correct type of fuel.
  • If, at any time before or during your rental, you are unsure about the operating or safety procedures for the equipment, please call or ask.
  • The Customer is responsible to properly tie down rental equipment.
  • The Customer is responsible to load trailers properly with a 60/40 load weight ratio. 60% of the load in front of the axle, 40% behind the axle. Improperly loading and overloading a trailer can lead to trailer damage, bodily damage, and even death.
  • Hanover Tool & Equipment Rental reserves the right to refuse to hook a trailer/equipment to a vehicle that is inadequate or improperly equipped to handle the load.
  • Hanover Tool & Equipment Rental is not responsible for items left unattended in our lot after hours. Doing so, is your responsibility and your risk. If you are not prepared to cover the full replacement value, do not leave the equipment.
  • Neither Hanover Tool & Equipment Rental or its employees are responsible for any damage to Lessor’s Vehicle while loading or unloading rental equipment.