Today, there are videos upon videos about every product out there. "Why bother trying it out when you can read a review of someone else's experience?"

We realize that other people's testimonials are important to the consumer, so we started the See It To Believe It program.

We want to bring YOU to the yards maintained by our Automowers. We know that info can be gained from online reviews and ratings, but the only way to see if the Automower is a good fit for you is to see it in person.

Our Automowers have been installed in various neighborhoods surrounding Hanover, reaching from Minneapolis all the way up to Elk River. We've reached out to a few of our customers and asked them if we could use their yard as a promotion, and they agreed.

To schedule your See It To Believe It visit, fill out this form. We'd love to meet you at one of our sites to show you how well the Automower handles a yard.